Bed to Stand Helping Hand – Medium


The Bed to Stand Helping Hand

The base easily slides between the mattress and bed base and subsequently is easily installed. It can also be used for turning or repositioning patients who have difficulty with mobility.

The lever flips up to help pull yourself to sitting position. Once in sitting position the handles can be pulled up and used to push yourself up off the bed into standing position. When not in use it can slide out of the way next to the mattress.

Independence is valuable to most. This device can be used by clients who are sick, injured, aging, post surgery or just having difficulty getting up out of bed.

Many older people would rather stay at home than go into a nursing home but one of the major hurdles they need to overcome is getting in and out of bed without assistance. This device may help and once upright they can then use a wheelie walker to mobilize.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 62 × 45.5 × 12 cm

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